Thursday, 15 December 2011

Aparition and the Art of the Dragmix

Blessed be the drag mix! Uber-awesome AS affiliate and artist, Aparition has recently made available his series (FOUR GLORIOUS VOLUMES, PEOPLE) of “Blessed in Drag” mixtapes on bandcamp. These glorious freebies include a bizarre mixture of long-forgotten, classic, and underground traxx which combine to provide truly unique experiences. Each one is beautifully crafted, mixed and utterly fucked.

The thing that sets them apart from your average drag mixes is the sheer breadth of styles and genres that have gone into the tapes. We're talking not only of classic hip-hop choons, and the obligatory messed up pop songs, but also tracks like film theme tunes (the opening of vol. 1) and dark synth music (the end of vol.4).

Aparition makes mixtapes that feel as though he simply wants to share the excitement of his favourite tracks given a little twist – this is a labour of love and the passion is infectious. Get em at for FREE fiddy.

- Bunny


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